Celebrating the 2023 French Edition of THE LESBIAN BODY followed by "Some Remarks on THE LESBIAN BODY" by Monique Wittig

Namascar Shaktini: Année du CORPS LESBIEN suivi de Quelques remarques sur LE CORPS LESBIEN par Monique Wittig

Postface acknowledgement

Monique Wittig was living in the United States when she wrote this text in English, between 1997 and 2001, for Namascar Shaktini to publish in the collective work ON MONIQUE WITTIG: THEORETICAL, POLITICAL, AND LITERARY ESSAYS, Urbana/Chicago, University of Illinois Press, 2005. (Read Wittig’s postface in English LINK)

Namascar Shaktini being arrested Aug 26, 1970 at the Arch of Triumph

First publicized action of French Women’s Liberation ironically laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier dedicated to “The One More Unknown than the Soldier, his Wife.” In solidarity with 50th anniversary women’s suffrage in US.
Black and white newspaper photo of a demonstration, women with banners
Banner of Monique Wittig (right): “One Man Out of Two is a Woman”
Demonstrators August 1970 Arch of Triumph: Monique Wittig, Monique Bourroux (pictured) as well as Cathy Bernheim, Julie Dassin, Christine Delphy, Emmanuèle de Lesseps, Christiane Rochefort, Janine Sert, Margaret Stephenson [Namascar Shaktini], Anne Zélensky.

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